Private occasions photographs

On outing to the Isle of Wight from Southampton (England), 1965:


With the Maulana are his daughter Mrs Akhtar Aziz, her husband Mr Ahmad Aziz, their son
Zahid Aziz and daughter

Picnic in the New Forest, near Southampton (England), summer 1970:


Above: The Maulana with Mrs Akhtar Aziz, Zahid Aziz and Samina.


The Maulana with Zahid Aziz, Samina and their father Mr Ahmad Aziz.

At home, 24 Salik Street, Muslim Town, Lahore, Summer 1973:

The Maulana with his son-in-law Mr Ahmad Aziz.

At social function in Model Town, Lahore, July 1975:

July 1975

The Maulana (centre), talking to Dr Allah Bakhsh (right), and Chaudhry Mansur Ahmad (left).

Langley, Slough, England, at home of daughter Mrs Akhtar Aziz, Summer 1976:

Langley, 1976

The Maulana is in the centre, next to him are his two sons-in-law Dr M. Amin (left) and Mr A. Aziz (right). On the outside are Shahid Aziz (extreme left) and Zahid Aziz (extreme right). On the Maulana’s lap, is his great-granddaughter Iffat.

Wife and daughter, Lahore, circa 1950:

Badr-un-Nisa, wife of Maulana Abdul Haq Vidyarthi (left), and Mrs Akhtar Aziz, daughter (right).