Postcards to his grandsons Zahid and Shahid Aziz in Pakistan sent from USA, 1961 and 1959

The photo side and message side of three postcards are shown below.
The Maulana often used to mention some amusing or interesting news for us children.

Postmarked Miami, Florida, August 11, 1961

Translation of message

Assalamu alaikum to Mr Zahid [Aziz]. After spending four and a half months in South America, I reached Trinidad from Suriname on 6 August 1961, and today I leave Trinidad for Philadelphia. On the way, the aircraft has stopped due to some problem. Assalamu alaikum to Akhtar Jabeen [daughter], Shahid, and Aziz [son-in-law]. — Abdul Haq.

Postmarked San Francisco, July 27, 1959

Translation of message

Assalamu alaikum to Shahid [Aziz]. I sent a letter to the Lahore address from the aircraft in which I was travelling. I don’t know if you received it. After that, I wrote a letter to Karachi. I hope it was received. On this card there is a photo of crab sellers, which they are selling two for one dollar. Some Muslims eat it, some don’t. They are also sold in Karachi. Eat it one day and let me know if you liked it. Assalamu alaikum to everyone in the house. — Abdul Haq, 3465, 20th Street, San Francisco.

Postmarked San Francisco, 1959 (month and date are not readable)

Translation of message

Shahid and Zahid Aziz, assalamu alaikum. The letter I wrote last week to your mother must have reached. She must have gone to fetch her sister-in-law. You two, just listen to the story of a grandmother! The grandmother writes:

“I have eight children, the youngest being 14 years old. My daughters-in-law keep on sending their children to me for staying. One daughter-in-law wrote saying, I want to send my seven children to you in the summer. I replied: You have a mother and sisters; divide them among them and send me my share. My daughter wrote saying, I want to send my five children to you for three weeks. I wrote: I have looked after my children for 35 years. Now I am living on a pension, so you should take care of your own duties. My husband says to me: You are a mean woman and will not go to heaven.”

Now you think about this, whether this poor grandmother will go to heaven or not? — Your grandfather.