Zeal to serve Islam till moment of death

Letter by Maulana Abdul Haq Vidyarthi

In October 1968 Maulana Abdul Haq Vidyarthi, after an illness, wrote a letter to his daughter Mrs Akhtar Aziz recalling the teachings of Islam on facing death and expressing his deep desire to serve Islam till the end. He wrote:

“The grief and anxiety suffered by my children on account of my illness is evidence of their love and dutifulness. But it is a fact that one day or another, in turn, everyone must depart from this world. This is, on the surface, something which is unpalatable and sorrowful except for the one who is certain in his heart that death does not mean annihilation, and that there is a realm after death which is better than this world. This body is a home; the person dwelling in it moves house. More than anything else in the world, it is Allah that a Muslim loves. Love requires the acceptance by the lover of whatever the beloved does.

Some children lose their parents soon after birth, but their God does not die. Some means come into existence of bringing them up. Parents bring up their children with love and affection, but it is God Who puts in their hearts love for their children. Without His grace and mercy a man can die in one instant, and no doctor or parents can do anything. Similarly, the love received from parents is bestowed by Allah. But to be reconciled with every act of Allah saves man from grief and disappointment.

I feel satisfied that I learnt many languages in order to serve the religion, and replied extensively by speech and writing to those who raise objections against Islam. I wish to continue to be engaged in this work till the last breath. Once Abdus Salaam [his son] wrote to me in England saying: Your age is not such that you can undertake travel. I replied: My son, it is my wish and my desire that I should continue to make speeches on the truth of Islam and to reply to the objections of the opponents of Islam until, in that condition, I fall unconscious and thus depart from the world.

Scanned image of the letter: