Some delegates to the World Muslim Congress, 1951, visit Maulana Muhammad Ali’s residence in Lahore

Maulana Abdul Haq Vidyarthi is in the standing row, third from right in the photograph

With delegates to the World Muslim Congress, February 1951

Seated: Major Abdullah Battersby, Maulana Sadr-ud-Din, Mr. Haroon Nahaboo (Mauritius), Maulana Muhammad Ali, Mourad Kiouane (Algiers), Mr. Ibrahim Quraishi (Thailand), Sayyid Asadullah Shah.

Standing: Mumtaz Ahmad Faruqui, Mian Saeed Ahmad, Maulana Yaqub Khan, Ibrahim Blangket (Borneo), Maulana Aftab-ud-Din Ahmad, Masum Chang (China), Maulana Abdul Haq Vidyarthi, Abdur Rahim Jaggoe, Shaikh M. Tufail.

Details of the occasion

A meeting of the World Muslim Congress (Mu’timar al-‘Alam al-Islami) was held in Karachi, Pakistan, in February 1951. After participating in the conference many delegates came to Lahore, and for nearly one week they kept on calling at Maulana Muhammad Ali’s residence to meet him. This photograph, taken at his residence in Muslim Town, shows some of the delagates who visited him, with leading members of the Lahore Ahmadiyya Movement. It was published on the front page of The Light, 8 April 1951.