Private occasions photographs

Holding his grand-daughter Samina, Lahore, 1962:

On outing to the Isle of Wight from Southampton (England), 1965:

With the Maulana are his daughter Mrs Akhtar Aziz, her husband Mr Ahmad Aziz, their son
Zahid Aziz and daughter

Picnic in the New Forest, near Southampton (England), summer 1970:

Above: The Maulana with Mrs Akhtar Aziz, Zahid Aziz and Samina.

Above: The Maulana with Zahid Aziz, Samina and their father Mr Ahmad Aziz.

At home, 24 Salik Street, Muslim Town, Lahore, Summer 1973:

The Maulana with his son-in-law Mr Ahmad Aziz.

At social function in Model Town, Lahore, July 1975:

July 1975

The Maulana (centre), talking to Dr Allah Bakhsh (right), and Chaudhry Mansur Ahmad (left).

Langley, Slough, England, at home of daughter Mrs Akhtar Aziz, Summer 1976:

Langley, 1976

The Maulana is in the centre, next to him are his two sons-in-law Dr M. Amin (left) and Mr A. Aziz (right). On the outside are Shahid Aziz (extreme left) and Zahid Aziz (extreme right). On the Maulana’s lap, is his great-granddaughter Iffat.

Wife and daughter, Lahore, circa 1950:

Badr-un-Nisa, wife of Maulana Abdul Haq Vidyarthi (left), and Mrs Akhtar Aziz, daughter (right).